I love history. A lot. It has been my favorite subject in school for as long as I can remember, and a few years ago I decided to do the true historian thing and actually start reading nonfiction books. I am still incredibly in love with historical novels/fiction, but more on that later. I basically have a treatise on how I feel about the genre.

Anyway, I found my first few forays into nonfiction to be a bit . . . dry. I thought the narration was boring and the events were not described in the neat, chronological order that I had grown comfortable with. But once I found my niches, the specific subjects that I truly cared about, I had better experiences with historical texts.

However, since History is in fact my major here at the University of Texas at Austin, I feel that I need to become more historian-esque. As in actually learning, well, how to be a historian. Like learning how to actually analyze texts instead of reading about an event and instantly sensationalizing it in my head (more on that later also).

The purpose of this blog is to fulfill the requirements for a History seminar that I’m taking, but I think I’ll have a lot of fun with it. Come one, come all, and track my progress as a history student! Over the course of this semester, questions will be answered, like: Will she be able to go the extra level deeper and learn the magical art of sourcing? What new and exciting tidbits of American History will she discover? And how will all of these factors affect her view on history as a whole???

Tune in often to find out.


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