Urban Living Is So Mainstream

So remember my last post when I basically had no idea what I was doing? Yeah. I actually have a specified topic now. And it involves . . . AGRICULTURE!!!1111!!1!!!


But seriously. Being all liberal-artsy at UT makes me miss my rural self.

1420750-1307101345481406-p MAJESTIC.

In our neighborhood of Houston, I noticed this cotton yard that took up like an entire block in 1896, then shrank in 1907, and was completely gone by 1924. My new mission is to explore whatever happened to the cotton industry in Houston during that time to see why Keller’s Cotton Yard disappeared.

At the Briscoe Center tomorrow, my mode of attack is to try and find records of cotton producers/distributors around Houston. Because is there even any cotton around Houston? Also, Houston obviously had a port for exporting cotton, so did the demand just go down or what? So my main task tomorrow is to track cotton production. If I have time, I’ll also dig a bit deeper into the Buy-A-Bale movement (which seemed to have an effect on all of this) and find out what that actually was.

Now I’m really excited, because I actually have an objective and it’s something that I have a genuine interest in!


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